Our Solutions

Promoting and developing centralized and distributed hydrogen production facilities, and producing and selling hydrogen to interested parties.

Ad Hoc solutions

In addition, for large demand, GreenH develops hydrogen production plants able to generate thousands of kg per day incorporating compression and hydrogen storage


  • Alternative fuels to solve urban pollution problems.
  • Zero emissions; range and refueling time same as a conventional vehicle.
  • It is a renewable fuel that just emits water vapor when used in

Here you can watch a concept video of a solar energy based mobility solution developed by our parent company H2B2


  • Cost-effective on-site production, enhancing availability.
  • Meets critical hydrogen purity requirements.
  • Meets environmental regulations.

Here you can watch a concept video of wind energy based industrial scale solution as developed by our parent company H2B2

Power to X

  • Meets grid ancillary services needs (discharge time, response time).
  • Manages surplus renewable energy.
  • Future proofing needs of seasonal and large storage capacities.
  • Security of supply for countries dependent on natural gas imports.
  • No exposure to natural gas price fluctuations.
  • Local TSO now developing projects using this technology.

Integrated Product

Focused on high demand markets, providing a sustainable solution for energy storage, transportation fuel and industrial applications.

GreenH’s two decades of experience can cover the whole value chain, including the following features:

  • Development, promotion

    Project definition, site selection, permits and licenses.

  • Financial seeking

    Project finance, SPV (special purpose vehicle) settlement.

  • Engineering

    Process, control and instrumentation, electrical, and mechanical and civil engineering; legislation, standards and safety.

  • Manufacturing, procurement

    Construction of process equipment and electrical boards, integration in containers and structures; factory acceptance tests.

  • Construction, installation

    Installation and assembly, piping and tubing, civil works; commissioning.

  • O&M

    Operation, predictive and corrective maintenance.